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Extensive participation and activity in providing customer services, resolving and addressing needs and disputes, and seeking methods to improve the customer experience. History of developing and documenting office services, processes, and schedules. Supervised and dispatched projects and services for the Internet and route deliveries. Provided basic health care services from a variety of offices throughout Oregon and Washington. Actively sought experience and service in diverse cultures through living and working with students from a variety of cultures and countries.


PHP, ColdFusion, XHTML, HTML, XML, XSLT, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. Minor work with RSS/RDF, C++, Perl, CGI, and JAVA. Experience with producing newsletters for Clatsop Community College, Phi Theta Kappa, SAFEwalk, and others. Administered the BBS (computer bulletin board system) for a Portland computer club.


PC (Win95-XP) and Mac (OS7-8.6) hardware and software setup/maintenance, customer service, and client support; Linux/Unix usage, remote access, process control.


Word, Excel, Outlook, OpenOffice, Photoshop, Fireworks, Corel, ColdFusion, HomeSite, Acrobat, WebTrends, Dreamweaver, FreeHand, Norton Utilities, Novell Networking, McAfee Firewall.


Clatsop Community College ASBI student group certificate of appreciation, Clatsop Community College certificate of award for outstanding student in AutoCAD, OSU Housing and Dining residential life student of the year, service in the OSU Web Advisory Group, OSU Information Services student employee of the year, service in the West International House student residence hall council and production of the group's web site.

Completed Web Templates:

These are a sampling of the template works I have completed. Web templates are the initial core of a web site, produced from the original design work. The template is cut from an image or images and produced for the desired development language and delivery method.

Web Support Tutorials:

A web source of help documents for creating and utilizing web resources. Project uses HTML, CFM, SSI, JavaScript, and PHP for delivery and illustration.

1996-present (creation, development, and maintenance) Continued work to create and define multiple tutorials covering a range of web functions and services. I continue to update and expand these tutorials on a regular basis. I also write new tutorials as they are needed. Tutorials cover general product usage, programming techniques, usage of specific processes or services, or were to illustrate sample projects to perform a means to an end.

Ancestral Soldiers of Honor (ASH):

ASH is an Allegiance group of Asheron's Call, formerly the United Solidarity Alliance.

2004 (site upgraded to incorporate advanced CSS methods, to support XHTML, to provide a high level of accessibility, and to use Dreamweaver templates).

1999-present (design, structure, & content) Developed and produced site content and concept.

NOTE: Be sure to also review the A-S-H site using 'Print Preview' or by printing a page. The printed page is a standard document, Not a printed web page. The site is further designed to be compatible with Small Screen Devices [SSD] and this can be seen with an Opera browser by pressing Shift+F11. When Cascading Style Sheets [CSS] are not supported the pages revert to a simple text version of the document.

My Cartoons:

Cartoons to provide just a touch of humor to lighten your day.

2004 (concept) This page uses PHP to generate the code that calls comic strip information from the Yahoo archives, letting the user browse that archive. Comic strip links refer to the official site for each presentation.

OSU Search:

The primary search engine used to unite the web resources across campus. Project used XSLT, CSS2, and PHP.

2003-2004 (structure & administration) Utilized a Google Appliance. Position required the rewrite of the XLST for code compliance to deliver the search results in HTML 4.01 without errors. I built the main site in PHP for the purpose of supporting data driven content, and to simplify the application of templates and important notices.

1999-2003 (maintenance) Utilized an Inktomi search installation. I was responsible for the maintenance and optimization of the search index within the provided installation.

OSU Calendar:

Campus event listing project developed to unite campus event efforts. Project used Perl, CFM, PHP, SSI, CSS, and JavaScript.

2002-2004 (upgrades, maintenance, enhancements) Upgraded product to be XHTML compliant, upgraded design to incorporate campus templates, expanded system to use dynamic event highlights, built a browser calendaring utility to encourage calendar use, converted site from CFM to PHP to support current development methods.

2000-2002 (upgrade software, maintenance, enhancements) Migrated to a new version of the software, upgraded the product (written in PERL) to support accessibility needs, upgraded delivered pages to be HTML 4.01 compliant, updated tutorial information and training process to reflect the system changes.

1998 (design & structure) Project began as an experiment to seek a campus-wide solution for delivering event information. I took the project lead working with multiple departments across campus through a testing, planning, training, and deployment process, wrote site in CFM to process complex event submissions.

Campus Map:

A custom, interactive map project of the OSU campus. Project used Perl, PHP, MySQL, and Freehand/Illustrator.

2003-2004 (upgrade, enhancements, maintenance) Incorporated new in-house PHP/MySQL campus map system to replace old Perl system, upgraded code to XHTML and code compliance, worked with other campus departments to upgrade the map content and format to use with print and web, enhanced the map and content to provide more content and functionality, incorporated map system linking into the Campus Calendar system.

1996-2002 (presentation, enhancements, maintenance) Maintained in-house Perl based campus map system, upgraded system to utilize related web site links, expanded process to support user customized links.

Campus Catalog:

The production of the OSU 'Campus Catalog' and 'Schedule of Classes' for the Web. Project used a mix of HTML, CFM, SSI, Perl, PageMaker, and optimization techniques.

2000-2003 (structure, presentation, usability, and accessibility) Responsible for the by-hand conversion of these Campus materials from PageMaker files to web documents. Direct access to the campus Banner system was not allowed and this was the only method offered for delivering the content on the Web. The sites were updated well within the project time-frames and were known for their consistency and accessibility. Each update also included code updates to the current standards and support of expanding accessibility needs.

OSU Home:

The central pages for the OSU campus. Pages primarily consisted of HTML and SSI.

1996-2002 (structure & content) Provided general code and content maintenance on the central pages for the campus. Upgraded content for newer standards and accessibility needs until the project was taken over by OSU's University Publications office in 2002.


An OSU statewide education project on the Web. Project used HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and CFM.

1997-1999 (design, structure, maintenance) Worked with a group to produce a concept for the web site and to develop the initial structure and site. Maintained and updated the site for just over two years when it was taken over by an eCampus web development team.

OSU-Cascades Campus:

A branch campus site. Project used HTML, SSI, and some CFM.

1999 (structure) produced the initial structure and coding of the site.

Some Small Projects:

  • Oregon Weather: I produced an Oregon Weather page that pulls live data from the Oregon Climate Service and was in the process of developing an RSS feed to provide anyone easy access to the information service.
  • OSU Mini-Calendar: When I produced an interactive browser tool for the Campus Calendar I offered a way for the campus to easily promote campus events directly to desktops.
  • Campus Mail Form: When I tied a web e-mail form to the campus LDAP system it allowed me to help reduce campus Spam by hiding e-mail addresses from the Spam bots.
  • Campus Template System: I developed OSU's system for delivering a campus-wide web design template for use with multiple sites and servers.

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