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Basic Site Building: Where to begin?

You should always have a plan before starting a project, and the Web is not an exception to this concept. Expect that your web site will be a very demanding and resource consuming effort for it to be successful.

From the time you decide to produce a web site, till past the time that you retire the site, be prepared to dedicate time, manpower, and finances toward its support. Remember, the site represents you and your business. Neglect the site and you will damage your image and income.

There is a number of choices and decisions you will need to make as you plan to deliver a web site. To assist with your planning you might review the outline presented below. The outline sections are those that I consider as I plan and maintain a web site.

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(to Top) Know your target audience:

(to Top) Prepare the content for the Web:

(to Top) Site design:

(to Top) Site delivery:

(to Top) Maintenance:

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