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DropDown Menu: Vertical List

(to Top) Menu Demo with a Vertical List

(to Top) Calling the Script

This menu uses the following call to the DropDown Menu script:

The options used here tell the script to render the following menu:

  1. "v" = horizontal main menu
  2. "t" = text links for the main menu, no bullets used
  3. "…" = use a list indicator of (…) which is HTML encoded with (…)
  4. "3" = select main menu item three for highlighting

(to Top) Defining the Links

Other than the menu rendering vertically here, the only difference in the coding from that of the 'Text Links' example is in the style sheet. The links are using a background image and extra large borders, all defined by the style sheet.

Quite a drastic change in appearance with just some style sheet coding, don't you think?

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]