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DropDown Menu: Text Links

Menu Demo with Text Links

(to Top) Calling the Script

This menu uses the following call to the DropDown Menu script:

The options used here tell the script to render the following menu:

  1. "h" = horizontal main menu
  2. "t" = text links for the main menu, no bullets used
  3. "»" = use a list indicator of (») which is HTML encoded with (»)
  4. "2" = select main menu item two for highlighting

(to Top) Defining the Links

All links in the menus require two items to be defined in the data file, the (td) and the (url). If the menu item is only supplied to open another menu, then the link address (url) does not need to be defined.

The first parameter (Required) looks as follows: td_# = "Item Caption"

The second parameter (Optional) looks as follows: url_# = "Item URL"

The pound symbol (#) would be replaced with the apporpriate directory depth values for each particular link. These examples should help:

If the (url) parameter is present, a click of the mouse will open the new page.

When you define your colors and menu widths in the style sheet, you need to also define these colors in the menu data file. Just be sure to replicate the values from the style sheet to this file. (skip code)

var tdColor = "#fefefe"; // menu item text color, hexidecimal
var tdBgColor = "#993366"; // menu item background color, hexidecimal
var hlColor = "#ffff00"; // highlight text color, hexidecimal
var hlBgColor = "#cc6699"; // highlight background color, hexidecimal
var cellWidth = "150"; // width of sub-menu drop lists, in pixels

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]