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DropDown Menu: Pre-Defined Bullets

Table of Contents:

(to Top) Menu Demo with Pre-Defined Bullets

(to Top) Calling the Script

This menu uses the following call to the DropDown Menu script:

The options used here tell the script to render the following menu:

  1. "v" = vertical main menu
  2. "tb" = text links for the main menu, with bullets
  3. "0" = a list indicator defined as zero (0) which turns off the list indicator
  4. "5" = select main menu item five for highlighting

(to Top) Defining the Links

The difference in the coding here, from that of the 'Text Links' example, is that it is colored as though it might be part of computer program. It also makes use of a large number of pre-defined bullets.

If you look through the menus you will see a number of links with icons for: PDF files, Word documents, Excel files, and plain text files. Defining specific bullets is easy. Simply add a new (bul) value for each item that should reference to a specific file type. Here are some examples:

The defined types are made available for use with two things. A GIF image and a section added to the style sheet. The image is called by its name, omitting the extension (.gif). The style sheet addition should also be defined by this name and reference to the same graphic.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]