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DropDown Menu: Automatic Bullets

Table of Contents:

(to Top) Menu Demo with Automatic Bullets

(to Top) Calling the Script

This menu uses the following call to the DropDown Menu script:

The options used here tell the script to render the following menu:

  1. "v" = vertical main menu
  2. "tb" = text links for the main menu, with bullets
  3. "" = no list indicator defined, so the script will use its default right curley bracket (})
  4. "4" = select main menu item four for highlighting

(to Top) Defining the Links

The difference in the coding from that of the 'Text Links' example it is a vertical menu, and item bullets are requested. If you check the coding used for the links, nothing different is defined.

What the script does is put a folder icon where another directory will pop-up, and a web page icon for all other items that have a web address defined. The icons are added automatically for you with the request for bullets.

Bullets can be requested with the following options: "tb" for text with bullets, "ib" for images with bullets, and "mb" for mouseover images with bullets.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]