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DropDown Menu: Introduction

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This DropDown Menu originates from a JavaScript by Evgeny Novikov as a solution for dynamic web site navigation. However, the original script was quickly found to be too limited in functionality to be applied to various site designs.

This particular version (unofficial Version 1.2, created April 15, 2005) has been heavily modified to include a large assortment of options. The main script is small, under 9 kilobytes of code.

There is four basic options that can be set with the script. These are:

  1. Menu rendering direction (vertical or horizontal)

  2. Presentation of the main menu (using text links, using images, using a group of MouseOver images) and whether the menus will use bullet icons.

  3. Whether an indicator should be provided to indicate the location of a new menu within the menus, and what to use in indicating this new menu (text character or image).

  4. The ability to highlight one of the main menu items, providing the visitor an indicator as to the section of the site that is being viewed.

Part of the reconstruction and modification of this script was to make it more functional and accessible to all browsers and users. A key part of this change was to make the menu items use actual HTML links instead of JavaScript links. The JavaScript was also made to be XHTML compliant for those more advanced developers.

The following example pages in this tutorial illustrates just some of the ways you can use this JavaScript. If you find the script useful, or have ideas for making it more useful, feel free to contact the editor.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]