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'Eye' Focus: Web Support Tutorials


This script section provides a group of tested scripts that have proven to provide desirable enhancements to web sites without creating those adverse side-effects we all dread. I'm always working to improve these scripts and gladly welcome your feedback and suggestions.

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Add some new functionality and usefulness to your browser with these handy little JavaScripts that can be used anywhere and on any page.


Got a page that needs a little extra character? BubbleDrift brings to you a fun way to express yourself.

Shockwave/Flash Loader:

The purpose of this Shockwave/Flash Loader is to ensure that your visitor always gets your message, regardless of browser support.

DropDown Menu:

A very versitile, dynamic menu with many customizable options. Works with all modern browsers.


A solution for a form base list of links that is simple, accessible, and functional from any site.


Bringing a clean and efficient way to call a new browser window with easy to configure settings.


Illustrates an efficient and proper way to do MouseOver images that work with any browser that supports MouseOver functionality.

My Text Size:

This nifty little tool, originating from the now retired Netscape's DevEdge web site (http://devedge.netscape.com/), allows a visitor to your site the ability to adjust the font size.


Quickly and easily refresh timely or dynamic images on a web page, such as webcam images, while not disturbing the page that contains it.

(to Top) Enhancement or Destruction

New scripts will be gradually added as they have been proven to be reliable and truly beneficial for good site designs. As always, these scripts are free for your use and modification, provided you give us proper credit for having developed them. We give credit where it is due, and hope for the same.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]