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Promote: Customized Searches

Create a search of your site's web pages. For example, a search box for our 'Promote Your Pages' site is set up below for a search only of the 'Promote' site pages. These web pages are not indexed separately by the search engine, but a customized search selects only the directory (and sub-directories) of this local site.

Just complete the boxes below, click the submit button and the HTML code will be generated in the box at the bottom of the page. Copy and paste that code into your web page to create your site search tool!

Example search box for the 'Promoting Your Pages' tutorial:


(to Top) Create Your Customized Search

To use this tool, please provide the following information:

This will help to identify what range the search will have, your site only or the whole world.

Complete this field only if you want to offer search results restricted to your web site. If you leave this field blank then all searches will be for all web sites.

The web site address is the full address of your site, excluding the protocol used as in http://. Please DO provide the full address but do not begin or end this string with any punctuation or the results can be too limited.

Web Site Address Examples: (skip code)

If your web address (URL) is:
you should enter:

If your search needs to return results from multiple addresses that are not found from the same directory path, or even host address, then you would enter that here using the search's 'OR' conditional statement. This tells the search engine you want what ever results are found from this site or that site.

I.E. to search two different sites at the same time you might enter:
www.melvinwallerjr.com/tutorial/promote OR www.melvinwallerjr.com/tutorial/scripts
(it is important that the word 'OR' be capitalized as it is a search conditional statement rather than a search word.)

The search results will only contain links within the 'promote' and 'scripts' directories.

This is the length of the search box that will be created. This will not limit the amount of text the user can enter, it will just limit the amount of text that can be seen in the box at one time.
Note: We suggest a value between 12 and 30 for the box size.

Use Lines?

This option allows you to choose whether you want the include code for the horizontal lines above and below the search box.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]