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To find out how an ImageMap works, just click in the shapes on the picture. This ImageMap uses what is called client-side mapping. Server-side mapping makes your links accessible with much older programs and browsers that do not support the client-side mapping. Client-side mapping makes the ImageMap more friendly because your links can have descriptions and allow the user to tab to the individual links.

The Circle The Bar The Square The Triangle Just click in a shape.

Just click in a shape.
[ The Circle | The Bar | The Square | The Triangle ]

You may notice that the links found in the image map are repeated below the image. If your page designs are to meet accessibility requirements, all image maps must have their links provided as standard text links within the page. The other alternative is that you must provide a text version of your page where all of the content and links are offered in text format.

More information on images maps and making them accessible to everyone can be found in the World Wide Web Consortium web site in the section on Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]