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'Eye' Focus: Web Support Tutorials

Image Help (with GIF images)

Here is a selection of free images you can copy for your own use. Use the save image, save link, or save target option with your browser. You really want to make your own folder with the files you want for your page. This solves lots of problems for you when file servers get moved around.

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Lines & Rules:

These are the separation lines that you see giving sections of a page a visual separation.


Use these to mark the start of a new element of a list or to bring emphasis to an item.


Give your page a little appeal with an illustrated character to point out an important point.

Navigation & Information:

Images to point out where a visitor might go, or to inform and suggest places to visit.

Color Coding:

A quick reference image of colors and corresponding hexadecimal codes for designing your web pages.

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[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]