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GuestBook Tutorial

Many sites could make use of a simple guestbook. This is because guestbooks serve a unique purpose to a web site that e-mails, surveys, and other tools cannot match.

The key thing a guestbook offers is a quick, anonymous, and immediate means for your visitor to provide a comment. This means of feedback will often give the visitor a little more freedom to give a response and continue using your site. The visitor might also be less aprehensive in sending a comment, resulting in both constructive and deconstructive comments that you may not have gotten otherwise.

This tutorial offers two programming language versions to construct the same simple guestbook: ColdFusion (CFM), and PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP).

(to Top) PHP Hypertext Preprocessor GuestBook Tutorial

This tutorial illustrates the use of PHP to deliver the guestbook. With this version you need only create one PHP web page. The two other files that are needed, for current and archive messages, are automatically created when the guestbook needs them.

(to Top) ColdFusion GuestBook Tutorial

The CFM tutorial was used before I learned and began using PHP. This version functions the same as the PHP version and has all the same features. However, you will need to create and setup all three of the files needed for the guestbook.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]