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'Eye' Focus: Web Support Tutorials

Seeking some help?

The tutorials listed below are designed with general information to help you develop and deliver your sites on just about any web server. However, some of the information provided in the tutorials may address specific tools. The goal is to help you gain a quick understanding of the methods and processes to complete your tasks quickly and effectively.

1: Basic Site Building

These are basics of what is needed to develop any web site. Even before these items can be put to use you must have content. A good site cannot be built until you have your message planned, organized, and fully documented. Only then can you hope to present a site of any use.

2: Publishing the Site, and Searches

These steps and processes are used for actually getting your content onto a web site. In addition to the process to post your site are some of the steps you should use to make sure it is delivered without errors or is actually found by others.

3: Construction for More Appeal

Once you have your basic site up and running you may want to enhance it or simplify the process of updating content. In this section we present some ideas and practices for improving your site.

4: Additional Development

This section is meant to offer some tips and insight toward furthering your web development. It offers suggestions to make use of some extra development strategies and offers references to other popular sources.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]