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I Want to Choose My Skin

So, you don't like the current look of the web site? No problem. From this page you can choose from a variety of site designs. Once you have made a selection, the whole web site will use the new design.

To change to a new site design first have a look at the images of the different designs below. To use a new design simply click the link for that design. The page will reload using the new design so you can see exactly how the new design looks.

(Note: If the page reloads but the design does not change, then press the browser's reload button. Some browsers may not actually reload the page to show the new design.)

Once you have made your design choice go right back to browsing our web site. You need to do nothing else inorder to use the new look. Your choice will be automatically saved and remembered when you visit our site again.

(to Top) Plain Skin

The Plain Design is a stripped down, very 'plain' version. The design uses subtle colors and tones to try and help the visitor concentrate on the content.

screen shot of the Default Skin
Plain Skin

(to Top) Temperate Skin

For an earthy design you might choose the Temperate Design. This version uses a number of earthy colors mixed with colors of hot and cold. The presentation also incorporates the use of side buffers which helps to limit the width of the page content.

screen shot of the Temperate Skin
Temperate Skin

(to Top) Garden Skin (default)

If you enjoy reflecting on the home, or more specifically your back yard, then you might enjoy the Garden Design. This look brings in the garden with some images of growth, earthy tones, and spring colors. It also makes use of a right-side navigation instead of the normal left-side design.

screen shot of the Garden Skin
Garden Skin

(to Top) How This Is Done

The design of the pages themselves never change when you select a skin. Infact, if you compare the page code between designs you will see that nothing changes, not even one character. That is, nothing has apparently changed until you compare the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) that is used for each skin.

When your browser requests the main design CSS, the server first checks your browser's cookie settings. Then, based on your skin selection, it loads the appropriate CSS information and sends it to your browser.

[Updated: Sunday, November 18, 2007]