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Mystical Methods AC Utilities

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Utilities for Asheron's Call

These utilities are designed to enhance your gaming abilities and knowledge. This list will vary as the game changes. Some are of a general information type and others are quite specific in their function. Most often you will find items here that are no longer available anywhere else.

(Have an item in mind that you cannot find? Let me know and I shall assist.)

Game Patch Notes

The Patch Notes is a terse list of monthly changes, additions, and things of note. Patch Notes will be maintained on this page and in the ASH bot script.
(For other details and specifics on the current monthly patches see the Asheron's Call web site.)

AC Skins

Try an AC has Replaceable Skin that allow you to customize the game's look to suit your tastes. You just have to check out and see it for yourself.


If you have a 3D video card you should try Decal, a game enhancement utility that you run before you run AC giving the game more functionality. (Note: 3D Acceleration must be enabled to be able to run Decal.) For a larger selection of Decal Plug-ins make a trip to Sucamarto's AC Heaven, or you might try Third Party Paradise, you won't regret it.

Oracle of Dereth version 1.0:

A recommended must for effective navigation about Dereth. The original author's site is long gone but the tool is More than functional. It uses the database produced by the Asheron's Compendium group, producers of AC Explorer, for a fantastic 'in-game' resource. (791KB MSI install file)

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Have you wanted to use Internet Relay Chat (IRC) within AC? IRC comes in many flavors for AC, and all require that you use Decal for the interface. IRC allows you to communicate with chat boards which can include people in and out of the game.

The Festival Stones of the Empyrean:

The whole story of the stones, their locations, and anything else you might want to know about them. (13KB MS Word Document)

EXTRA BONUS: Places to Play


Map Locations of Dungeons:

A Ruin Portal[11.5N, 55.0E] 
Abandoned Mine[38.4N, 54.6E]Banderling Guards, Undead Miners
Advocate dungeon[28.6S, 78.1E]Shoushi, unknown
Accursed Halls[57.2S, 68.9W]This is smack-dab in the middle of the Direlands.
Alfred Dungeon[20.5N, 13.2E]Unknown
Ancient Lighthouse[3.9N, 72.5W]Direlands (North) Very nice view
Arwic Mines[33.5N, 57.0E] 
Banderling Cave[24.2N, 43.2E]Cool cave, lots of XP.
Bandit Castle Prison[66.4N, 50.0E]In the lower antechamber of the castle.
Bellig Tower Base[17.8N, 16.0E]Glenden Wood Zombie with lightning mace
Cave[18.4N, 62.1E]Eastham Small, some Giant Monougas
Cave of Alabree[20.6N, 13.2E] 
Collier Mine Portal[56.8N, 38.3E]In the basements of the Ghost Town.
Crater Cave[66.7N, 12.5E]Dungeon in the middle of the crater.
Crater Lair[70.5N, 12.7E] 
Crater Pathway[60.4N, 15.7E]Level 25 Zofrit Zephirs with level 5 spells.
Crypt of Ashen Tears[14.6N, 3.5E]Liches at the entrance, tough neighborhood.
Daiklos[33.8N, 29.2E]Levels 1-12
Deserted Arena[11.3S, 37.5E]Yanshi 3 other portals too, to River Bend, North
Disaster Maze[61.3S, 51.0W]Very Bad Place. Every type of monster.
Drudge Cave[4.2S, 17.3E] 
Drudge Hideout[41.4N, 33.3E]Drudges. Exits where you started.
Drudge Nest[40.7S, 83.6E] 
Dungeon Fern[43.3N, 37.2E] 
Dungeon Gallery Tower[10.7N, 56.8E]Rithwic
Dungeon Manor[1.9S, 19.7E] 
Dungeon Muddy[27.1S, 71.0E]Has lots of Golems inside
Dungeon of Shadow[21.5N, 44.0E] 
Eastham Sewer[18.8N, 63.4E] 
Empyrean Garrison Portal[54.2S, 81.8E]Not too tough, mostly Drudges.
Four Towers Entrance[12.5N, 2.3E]Excellent area for war mages!
Glenden Wood Dungeon[29.9N, 36.4E]Banderlings and drudges.
Golem Burial Ground[50.9S, 67.3E]Baishi...
Golem City[66.7N, 12.5E]Holtburg
Green Mire Grave[27.8S, 71.6E]Get greenmire armor here
Grievous Vault[25.8S, 27.3E]Close to Uziz, can be seen from the road.
Halls of the Helm[18.5N, 1.5E]Guardian has Firey Shield and Superior Helm
Hebian-To Sewers[38.8S, 83.8E]Wasps and rats.
Holtburg Dungeon[43.6N, 33.0E]Holtburg key quest
Holtburg Redoubt[39.0N, 35.6E] 
Holtberg Ruin[36.2N, 39.6E] 
Hunter's Leap[35.7N, 32.6E]Glenden Wood Rats, Lich, etc
Inner Dungeon[43.5N, 43.4W] 
Knath Lair[49.8N, 56.3W]Direlands (Middle) Tons of knaths (Jello things)
Lair of Death[42.0N, 58.1E] 
Lakeside Lair[19.0N, 48.5E]Pretty straight forward
Lightless Catacombs[82.3S, 35.2W]South Direlands
Lost Distillery[0.7S, 51.2E]Really funky looking portal. Levels 1-5
Lytaway[52.5S, 86.7E] 
Mite Maze[41.1N, 57.3E] 
Mite Tunnels[38.6N, 50.0E] 
Moss Chamber[14.1N, 0.7W] 
Mosswart Cave[36.3S, 61.2E]Mosswarts, Cheif has some good items.
Mosswart Nest[36.2S, 60.3E] 
Mountain Halls[10.3N, 56.7W]Golems and The Faery things
Mountain Keep[54.7N, 32.9E]On the hill side, by the trees
North Glenden Prison[31.8N, 25.5E] 
Old Mine[79.1S, 27.0E] 
Old Talisman[2.3S, 85.6W]Direlands (NW) Undead, and altar to become PK
Old Warehouse[8.7N, 58.1E]Levels 1-6
Pit Dungeon[64.3N, 23.4W]Stonehold Reverent lvl 20 at bottom
Reedshark Lair[12.2S, 48.2E] 
Rithwic Crypt[14.0N, 59.1E]The top looked easy, 3rd level monsters.
Ruin[32.9N, 54.9E]Arwic
Ruin[34.5S, 71.6E]Shoushi Lots of Red Wasps
Ruin[62.6S, 81.4E]Mayoi Too easy to be this far out
Ruin[12.9S, 47.3E]Yanshi
Seaside Lair[17.2N, 65.9E]Eastham
Shoushi Revenge[32.5S, 70.9E] 
Shousi Grotto[34.5S, 72.9E] 
Simple Tower[31.2S, 68.0E]Drudges. Good for gaining lower levels fast!
Simple Tower[17.4N, 62.5E]Eastham Mosswarts
Shreth Hive[32.5S, 71.0E]Levels 1 - 6.
Skeleton Castle[24.3S, 76.6E]N of Shoushi lots o' skeletons
Small Cave[4.2S, 17.3E] 
Small Complex[39.1S, 53.3W] 
Stone Cathedral[34.4S, 70.4E] 
Syliph Tower[12.3N, 11.5E]Zaikhal must access via Bellig Tower Base
Sylsfear Dungeon[11.1N, 14.7E] 
The Undergound City[21.3N, 54.0E] 
The Web Maze[49.4S, 65.3E]This dungeon will drop you out at Shousi
Theive's Den[17.8N, 65.0E] 
Trothyr's Rest[10.4N x 54.9E]Rithwic Gromnies and Liches. NPK alter.
Thieve's Trail[39.8S, 81.7E] 
Tumerok Base[9.2N, 65.7W]Direlands (North) Has Tumerock High Priest
Tumerok Mine[7.9N, 61.3W] 
Under Cove Crypt Portal[21.5S, 4.1W] 
Underground City[21.5N, 53.9E]Isle of Tears
Water Temple[52.1S, 80.3E]Newbie Dungeon
White Rat Lair[21.0S, 2.2W]Near Yaraq. Rated Cheesy
White Rat Nest[40.2N, 32.5E]Near Holtberg
Witshire Dungeon[24.9N, 37.7E]Portal is in the southwest tower of Fort Witshire.
Yanshi Tunnel[41.2S, 45.6E] 
Yaraq Tunnel[24.7S, 1.4W]Yaraq key quest

Map Locations of Places of Interest:

Abandoned Tower[32.7N, 34,7E]No monsters, but good place to meet.
Armoredillo House[1.1S, 18.7E]Yaraq Armoredillo behind bars
Auroch Feeding Ground[30.6S, 75.0E]Shoushi
Banderling House[25.3N, 46.0E]Empty house around Cragstone.
Banderling Tower[31.6N, 16.7E]Near Glenden Woods. Lots of treasure and XP.
Bandit Castle[66.4N, 50.0E] 
Dead Samsur Suburb[4.0S, 18.7E]Dead town, lots of corpses and cows.
Drudge Camp[39.1N, 37.4E]Roasting drudges over an open fire...
Drudge Farm[40.8N, 36.6E]Good farming land. Drudges and cows.
Fire Auroch Pasture[29.1N, 48.8W ] 
Four Heads[21.3S, 70.6E] 
Lich Keep[17.0S, 57.4W]Mid Direlands NE of the skull on the map, Liches
Lich Tower[32.7S, 91.4E]Hebian-to Liches
Lytelthorpe Temple[0.8N, 46.5E]A large, outdoor temple outside of Lytelthorpe.
Mite Cave[38.1N, 56.7E]This cave lies almost directly north of Arwic.
Mite-y Fine House[38.8N, 61.4E] 
Monouga Horde[16.0N, 4.4E]Climb the Hill at 18.5 N 3.6 E. Crude Monougas
Monster Castle[34.0S, 80.9E] 
Mosswort Fort[34.4S, 80.8E] 
Mountain Cottage[41.4N, 56.4E] 
Mountain Pass[44.2N, 63.1E]Mountain Pass with Six (6) Olthoi workers
Mountain Tower[69.8N, 21.7W]Holtburg Sweet Armor - Dangerous area
Mt. Alphus[19.7N, 17.8E]Stonies and Skeletons. A shop keep, too.
Mt. Alphus Tower[20.0N, 17.1E]Nice view...
Niagara Falls[29.0N, 43.9E]Cragstone 3 water golems, incredible view
Northern Castle[69.6N, 17.6E]An abandoned castle up in the woods...
Olthoi Camp[66.3N, 24.6E]Holtberg Big, Black, Scary, Kill you
Pillars with Olthoi[39.8N, 68.2E]Four (4) Olthoi workers guarding the coast
Portal to base Mt. Alpha[20.2N, 15.0E]Tough climb....
Skeletal Temple[62.2N, 40.7E]Lots of skeletons and one skeleton captain.
Skeleton Castle[24.3S x 76.6E]Shoushi Lots of skeletons, warriors
Stone Face Oasis[0.8S, 22.0E]A large stone head in the middle of a desert
Stronghold[16.2N, 4.4E]Under siege
Swamp Temple[20.0S, 47.5E]Temple south of Yanshi, Moswarts and more!
Tomb Of Mummies[48.9N, 54.3W]Direlands central Mummys--greater and Horrible
Tower[69.7N, 16.5E]Empty tower. Good log-out site.
Traveling Mage[33.7S, 79.9E] 

Map Locations of Cities and Shops:

Crater Village[64.8N, 13.6E] 
Fort Tethana[1.6N, 71.4W]Direlands North LifeStone! Some general shops, Portal
Fort Witshire[24.9N, 37.7E] 
Ghost Town[56.8N, 38.3E]Lots of Banderlings.
Holtberg Outpost[42.4N, 30.8E] 
Stonehold[68.8N, 21.6W]Northwestern town. Lots of monsters in the way
Undead Town[20.9N, 25.0W] 
Walled Town[1.8N, 72.8W]A walled town in the middle of the Direlands.
Dessert Mage[40.8S,11.8E]SW of Al-Arqas, Has pyreal scarabs!

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