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Group Information Skills and Trades

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The world of Dereth is filled with many things one can do. So much so that a character can become highly specialized in particular skills and trades. Many of the adventurers have taken just that approach to the game, and even make a good living off of their craftings.

There is many types of skills and trades that one can learn. Some of these are specifically useful and can earn good income while others might merely serve as a novelty.

Common Crafting

  • Alchemy: An alchemist has the skill to combine a number of chemicals by applying processes that transform items into another form, often with special properties.
  • Cooking: The cooks are able to prepare some very tasty concoctions to restore your physical attributes, change the color of select items with dyes, or transmute objects to other forms.
  • Coming Soon! Tinkering: Tinkerers have the ability to apply raw materials to existing objects to enhance their physical, and even magical, properties.

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