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Targeted Focus Character Templates

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Sources of Character Creation Templates

Swordsman Template for Starting a New Character (11/18/00)

This is what I used for starting Adieu on Harvestgain, 14 levels in 2 weeks.

  • Character Race: Choice of race is entirely up to you. If you are already familiar with the game, try to select one where supplies will be most beneficial to you. (I had a lot of Gharu'ndim stuff so...).
  • Base Attributes: Strength 100, Endurance 40, Coordination 100, Quickness 60, Focus 20, Self 10.
  • Skills: Specialize (Sword), Train (Arcane, Healing, Lockpick, Melee Defense, and Missle Defense).
  • Start in a familiar town. Rithwic or Shoushi are two good starting places. Then move up to Eastham or Hebian-To respectively when your abilities permit it.
  • Equipment: Be sure to get some supplies from your comrads, that is why we are here.
  • Raising Attributes: Continually raise your Base Attributes 5 at a time; 5 Strength, 5 Endurance, 5 Coordination, etc.
  • Skill Credits: Use your first 8 credits to obtain the Item Enchant skill. From here the choices are up to you, you now have a good base character.

(03/25/04) Note: Just to show you how the game has changed, reaching level 14 in 2 weeks back in 2000 was not bad at all. Now a new character can surpass that in just one hour playing today's game.

Alchemy/Fletching Update (6/22/01)

In case you did not know, you can now perform many alchemy and fletching tasks in mass quantities. Using the mage's Pea components you can produce concentrated infusions (equal to 50 infusions) instead of the individual items. Some mage shops like the one in Hebian-To also sell Concentrated Aqua Incanta. Use the concentrated infusions on the concentrated aqua incanta for concentrated oils and a greatly reduced burden. Water filled eyedroppers are used to dilute the concentrated infusions and oils to their natural state so you can still use the individual components.

The cool thing is that, provided you have sufficient skill, you can now create wrapped bundles of arrowheads of any arrow arrowhead type such as: greater, lightning, and greater lightning. Wrapped bundles are now being sold by nearly all bowmaster shops. These wrapped bundles contain 50 bundles each. The REALLY cool thing is that in an emergency it is possible to combine a wrapped bundle of arrowheads directly with a wrapped bundle of shafts for an instant bunch of 250 arrows. You loose half the potential arrows, but HEY, it is very handy when in a hurry while in battle.

(If you have ideas for other character templates, please feel free to pass them on. I will gladly post them in our site.)

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