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Mystical Methods AC Has Replaceable Skins

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Custom Start-Up Screen

I bet you didn't know you can give AC a whole new look with a Skin. You just have to check out DragonBait's AC Skins and see it for yourself. Yep, even in AC you can replace the default images to give the game a whole new look. My Favorite is Wormslayer, with Lightless Catacombs a close second. Don't forget to get the replacement Map, Bane icons, and Decal Skin while you are there to make your new look complete. AC is really cool with this new look dudes!

Opening Screen (click for a larger view)
Wormslayer Start Screen
(800 x 600 image, 50k file)

Custom Control Panel

Wormslayer Control Panel (click for a larger and full screen view)
Wormslayer Control Panel
(1280 x 1024 image, 151k file)

Other things of interest are:

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