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Battle Efforts AC Quest Information

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Sources for Quests and Challenges

  • TheJackCat search page will provide a lot of useful quest information.

  • Quests and Challenges have been found on the AC Stratics Web site. Feel free to call on your comrads if you are interested in adventuring on any quest. Some of us have done them and would be glad to guide you through it.

  • A-S-H List of Quests has many quests with all the details, some full walk-throughs, trophies to aquire, members who have expressed interest in the quest, and a full In-Game access to the information! Check it out and enjoy.

Focusing Stone (09/29/02)

If you are considering doing this quest, have a look at our Focusing Stone walkthrough to become familliar with the steps needed to complete it smoothly.

Idol Gems [Eyes] (1/13/01)

One of the uses for the Idol Gems (Eyes) is to make Rumuba's Jade Spear. However, you can also make a Multi-Strike Hilt for a Dagger or Sword (Simi, Shortsword, Yaoji, or Rapier). These items must be naturally spawned items and have no other enhancements to them (hilts, oils, buffs, ...) but they can have their own spells. However, it is best to concentrate on getting a weapon with high base damage and attribute bonuses (attack and melee). You must take the Eye to MacNail of Freehold (74.0S 92.3E) where you will receive a letter. Take this letter to MacDugal in Bandit Castle (66.4N 50.0E) and he will give you an Unfinished Hilt. Apply the Unfinished Hilt to an Iron Golem Heart and you will have a Finished Hilt. Apply this Hilt to one of the Dagger/Swords listed above for a no-drop Multi-Strike weapon. [Be warned... You must get the initial letter yourself in Freehold. Only the Eye can be given, the rest are no-drop.] Multi-strike functionality of the weapon takes effect when your ability in the skill exceeds 300.

Quidity Orb (6/29/01)

ARRRHhhhh... Before you create or pick up a no-drop quest item, make sure that character can use the item FIRST. I made a great trade deal on the two halfs of the Quidity Orb and Adieu combined them only to discover he would need to be level 70 before he even has a chance of using it. Adi could have used it now! Darn thing requires a Mana Conversion of 200+ to use. Thankfully it can be dropped on death and I passed it on that way.

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