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Mystical Methods Patch Notes

(Document Contents)

September '04: A Small Victory

  • Apology: visit Jalina al-Hajj in Al-Arqas for a free level, this month only.
  • New Quest: K'rank's Errands, start in Linvak Tukal. Random quest with a 24 hour timer.
  • New Quest: Noble Weapons (38.0S, 47.1W)
  • New Quest: Blackmire 4 (38.1S 47.3E)
  • Various updates: Shendolian, Caulnalain, Fenmalain, Al-Jalima town and area, and Moons are closer/bigger.

August '04: From the Darkness Born

  • New Quest: Bleeargh's Trophies.
  • New Quest:
  • New Dungeon: Hidden Entrance - Levels 40+ (24.3S, 46.3E)
  • New Quests: Phyntos Hives on Aerlinthe - Giant (90.5N, 49.5E; 90.2, 42.8E), Black (87.3N, 51.1E)
  • THERE IS NOW A TOTAL OF FOUR SUBWAYS (Prior Subways: Arwic Mines Subway, Jungle Shadows Subway)
  • New Subway: Umbral Hall Subway on the Vesayan Isles - Levels 30+ (75.8S, 83.1E)
  • New Subway: Blackmire Subway in the Direlands - Levels 50+ (18.6S, 84.3W)
  • Various updates: Sacrificial Dagger, Ashbane, Aerlinthe, Crater, Lethe, Mattekar robes, crafters quest, gromnie armor.

July '04: Treaties in Stone

June '04: Pillars Made of Sand

May '04: Mired Hearts

April '04: A New Threat

  • New Quest: Blackmire Lore.
  • New Quest: Liazk Itzi's Temple.
  • Miscellaneous updates: Spell Casting Animation, ferns, creatures, towns, 3 new armor types, Lugian Quest, and much much more...

March '04: Across the Vast Divide

February '04: Madness of Men

  • New Dyeable Sparring Suits for those daring real hand-to-hand combat.
  • New Quest: Decrepit Tower - (23.8N, 12.2W, Level 40+, no summon or recall)
  • New Quest: Crown of Bone - (castle NE of Shoushi at 24.3S, 76.6E)
  • Quest Upgraded: Frore (see the old Frore quest details on how to begin)
  • Bunny Master title quest has been repaired yet again, allegiance chat now has an ON option like other chats.

January '04: Mirror, Mirror

  • New Quest: Font of Jojii - Speak to Han-Rin Jo, Joji Adherent at the bar (28.0S, 95.5E).
  • Singularity Caul Island received a major upgrade and overhaul, and is now an 80+ region, 90+ to get the recall.
  • Sharded Shadow Armor can not be dyed, new types of weapons and armor introduced, some old quests were refreshed with upgrades.
  • New Allegiance Chat: Use the /a or @a commands to send messages to the entire allegiance.

December '03: Waking From the Abyss

  • New Quest: Snowman Village - [Frost Haven - 68.6S, 25.4E]
  • New Quest: Assassination Investigation - [Lytelthorpe Castle Guard]
  • New Quest: Olthoi Chasm - [Royal Guard west of Lytelthorpe 0.7N, 44.7E]
  • New Quest: Refulgent Bracelet - (Dark Vapor from Cultist Altar will summon portal)
  • Twitch of Aphus Lassel is missing, new housing items, Horn of Vigilance plays music, new Explorer Quest items.

November '03: Visions in the Darkness

  • New Quest: Gareth Dain - (Sclavus Temple 82.5S, 75W)
  • New Dungeon: Hidden Cavern - [37.9S, 65.5W Levels 80+]
  • Eye patches, Elemental Weeping Weapons, new masks and robes, new hide coats, drudge charms with spells, banderling packs, bludge sword, new pack doll, and more.

October '03: Reign of Terror

September '03: Groundswell

  • Player Killer Light [/pklite] will put you in a temporary player killer mode where you do not drop items on death.
  • New Dungeon: Olthoi Brood Hive - [64.6N, 56.1E Levels 80+]
  • Weapons and shields now inherit the magic resistance of the bearer. This means the items will resist debuffs more.
  • Greater Olthoi Armor: A new level 80+ type of olthoi armor introduced.

August '03: Into the Darkness

July '03: A Swelling Tide

Check back after the patch for more details on upcoming changes.

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