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Battle Efforts Obituaries

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We will fight in your honor.

This is a page in remembrance of those who have passed on to another realm. Valiant fighters of the Ancestral Soldiers of Honor who were smitten by the system or lost forever in the "Portal of Eternity."

< Ghostwalker >

Ghostwalker dies and never returns...
We all shall miss Ghostwalker. He was attacked and killed twice in a row by the 'Shadows' and never returned. Barion and Lilannya were seen to be mourning his loss. It is a shame to see such a promising fighter lost from such a noble quest. All that we can hope for is that we can continue the fight in his memory. Then perhaps, one day, we will meet up with this family or offspring to keep his memory alive.

< Tamika Yoshi >

I regret to inform you that Tamika Yoshi, brave warrior and loyal servant of Col Motson, was ruthlessly slayed by an AC Bug at 04:30 hours EST on Saturday, 28th of August, 1999. Her body is floating in portal space and cannot be resurrected. With the generosity and guidance of Col Motson and several Allegiance Members, Tamika Yoshi attained level 5 and possessed excellent sword skills. In her final hours she was observed slaughtering drudges with a single swipe of her Long Sword. She will be missed.
Col Motson

< Valkyre >

On Sept. 15, 1999, Valkyre, a valuable Allegiance member was given a vision by GOD; a vision of the future, her future. Sadly for us, it was a vision of what was to be for her after this world. She was such a good fighter of evil that she was taken by the greatest monarch of all to be in His army. She was given this vision so that she could be allowed to make her last days as useful as possible, and she did. When she was last seen she was helping her vassals gain more experience and knowledge in Dereth. Just before she left this world for the last time, she gave me her worldly possessions for the good of all the guild so that another may be able to put them to use. She was a true friend of all the Allegiance members by word and deed. She also graciously sent her vassals to join with me. She will not be forgotten.
Col Motson

< Elements >

As a result of an intense feeling of depression and loss, on June 26, 2004, Elements took his own life and the life of his family. The occurrence happened after the trust in a good friend resulted in the theft of his greatest possessions and a fundamental break-down in his trust in friendships. It was a tragic reaction to a modest setback and we will all miss Elements and his family.

(If you would like to say a few words in honor of a lost or absent fighter, please send your message to the editor and your message will be heard.)

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