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Skills and Trades Cooking

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For those of you looking to make some Super Foods, try following these steps. You can make food that can substantially restore Stamina, Health, and Mana.

Where to buy cooking supplies? Try Maggie the JackCat's Cooking Supplies web page.

Possible Foods

Tool to UseOriginal ItemProduced ItemRestores


Health OilCakeHealing Cake9 Health
Health OilPizzaHealing Pizza15 Health
Health OilMeat PieHealing Meat Pie15 Health
Health OilFish PieHealing Fish Pie15 Health
Health OilChicken PieHealing Chicken Pie15 Health
Health OilRabbit PieHealing Rabbit Pie15 Health
Health OilMushroom PieHealing Mushroom Pie12 Health
Health OilApple PieHealing Apple Pie10 Health
Health OilBeef StewHealing Beef Stew12 Health
Health OilFish StewHealing Fish Stew12 Health
Health OilChicken StewHealing Chicken Stew12 Health
Health OilRabbit StewHealing Rabbit Stew12 Health
Health OilMushroom StewHealing Mushroom Stew12 Health
Health OilBeef NoodleHealing Beef Noodle15 Health
Health OilFish NoodleHealing Fish Noodle15 Health
Health OilChicken NoodleHealing Chicken Noodle15 Health
Health OilRabbit NoodleHealing Rabbit Noodle15 Health
Health OilMushroom NoodleHealing Mushroom Noodle12 Health


Mana OilCakeMana Cake9 Mana
Mana OilPizzaMana Pizza15 Mana
Mana OilMeat PieMana Meat Pie15 Mana
Mana OilFish PieMana Fish Pie15 Mana
Mana OilChicken PieMana Chicken Pie15 Mana
Mana OilRabbit PieMana Rabbit Pie15 Mana
Mana OilMushroom PieMana Mushroom Pie12 Mana
Mana OilApple PieMana Apple Pie10 Mana
Mana OilBeef StewMana Beef Stew12 Mana
Mana OilFish StewMana Fish Stew12 Mana
Mana OilChicken StewMana Chicken Stew12 Mana
Mana OilRabbit StewMana Rabbit Stew12 Mana
Mana OilMushroom StewMana Mushroom Stew12 Mana
Mana OilBeef NoodleMana Beef Noodle15 Mana
Mana OilFish NoodleMana Fish Noodle15 Mana
Mana OilChicken NoodleMana Chicken Noodle15 Mana
Mana OilRabbit NoodleMana Rabbit Noodle15 Mana
Mana OilMushroom NoodleMana Mushroom Noodle12 Mana

Hearty Stamina

Victual OilCakeHearty Cake18 Stamina
Victual OilPizzaHearty Pizza30 Stamina
Victual OilMeat PieHearty Meat Pie30 Stamina
Victual OilFish PieHearty Fish Pie30 Stamina
Victual OilChicken PieHearty Chicken Pie30 Stamina
Victual OilRabbit PieHearty Rabbit Pie30 Stamina
Victual OilMushroom PieHearty Mushroom Pie24 Stamina
Victual OilApple PieHearty Apple Pie20 Stamina
Victual OilBeef StewHearty Beef Stew24 Stamina
Victual OilFish StewHearty Fish Stew24 Stamina
Victual OilChicken StewHearty Chicken Stew24 Stamina
Victual OilRabbit StewHearty Rabbit Stew24 Stamina
Victual OilMushroom StewHearty Mushroom Stew24 Stamina
Victual OilBeef NoodleHearty Beef Noodle30 Stamina
Victual OilFish NoodleHearty Fish Noodle30 Stamina
Victual OilChicken NoodleHearty Chicken Noodle30 Stamina
Victual OilRabbit NoodleHearty Rabbit Noodle30 Stamina
Victual OilMushroom NoodleHearty Mushroom Noodle24 Stamina

Hearty Healing

Victual OilHealing CakeHearty Healing Cake18 Health
Victual OilHealing PizzaHearty Healing Pizza30 Health
Victual OilHealing Meat PieHearty Healing Meat Pie30 Health
Victual OilHealing Fish PieHearty Healing Fish Pie30 Health
Victual OilHealing Chicken PieHearty Healing Chicken Pie30 Health
Victual OilHealing Rabbit PieHearty Healing Rabbit Pie30 Health
Victual OilHealing Mushroom PieHearty Healing Mushroom Pie24 Health
Victual OilHealing Apple PieHearty Healing Apple Pie20 Health
Victual OilHealing Beef StewHearty Healing Beef Stew24 Health
Victual OilHealing Fish StewHearty Healing Fish Stew24 Health
Victual OilHealing Chicken StewHearty Healing Chicken Stew24 Health
Victual OilHealing Rabbit StewHearty Healing Rabbit Stew24 Health
Victual OilHealing Mushroom StewHearty Healing Mushroom Stew24 Health
Victual OilHealing Beef NoodleHearty Healing Beef Noodle30 Health
Victual OilHealing Fish NoodleHearty Healing Fish Noodle30 Health
Victual OilHealing Chicken NoodleHearty Healing Chicken Noodle30 Health
Victual OilHealing Rabbit NoodleHearty Healing Rabbit Noodle30 Health
Victual OilHealing Mushroom NoodleHearty Healing Mushroom Noodle24 Health

Hearty Mana

Victual OilMana CakeHearty Mana Cake18 Mana
Victual OilMana PizzaHearty Mana Pizza30 Mana
Victual OilMana Meat PieHearty Mana Meat Pie30 Mana
Victual OilMana Fish PieHearty Mana Fish Pie30 Mana
Victual OilMana Chicken PieHearty Mana Chicken Pie30 Mana
Victual OilMana Rabbit PieHearty Hearty Mana Rabbit Pie30 Mana
Victual OilMana Mushroom PieHearty Mana Mushroom Pie24 Mana
Victual OilMana Apple PieHearty Mana Apple Pie20 Mana
Victual OilMana Beef StewHearty Mana Beef Stew24 Mana
Victual OilMana Fish StewHearty Mana Fish Stew24 Mana
Victual OilMana Chicken StewHearty Mana Chicken Stew24 Mana
Victual OilMana Rabbit StewHearty Mana Rabbit Stew24 Mana
Victual OilMana Mushroom StewHearty Mana Mushroom Stew24 Mana
Victual OilMana Beef NoodleHearty Mana Beef Noodle30 Mana
Victual OilMana Fish NoodleHearty Mana Fish Noodle30 Mana
Victual OilMana Chicken NoodleHearty Mana Chicken Noodle30 Mana
Victual OilMana Rabbit NoodleHearty Mana Rabbit Noodle30 Mana
Victual OilMana Mushroom NoodleHearty Mana Mushroom Noodle24 Mana

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