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Group Information Benefits, Guidelines, and Requirements of A-S-H Membership

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We are a group that is intent on the Advancement of each of our members. We want to guide, not to command, although some command is needed. Our goal is to gather a group of honorable, brave And loyal individuals and through our vast numbers root out the evil so as to destroy it and find the riches that abound in Dereth so as to share it. It is not a simple matter of joining and forgetting that you are part of us, as we stick together to accomplish our goals and have fun watching each other grow. We will also have to fight for Dereth with the evil guilds that wish to overthrow the good people. To that end we will teach, protect and supply you as needed within our power.

We have an extensive membership hierarchy that will provide far more benefits than a simple allegiance. The Hierarchy will take care of each member's needs, and will promote vast and rapid communication between member groups.

We adventure for our fellow man, not against, therefore, Should you need help in an adventure, seek out others of the Alliance. Ask your Patron, or Col Motson himself, to pass the word of where you are, and where to go for the adventure. Col Motson is generous and helpful, and many times will join you for a quest/adventure, or pass a gift to you, or knowledge of a spell, or a location he may known. Ask your Patron for any guidance you need, and he in turn will ask his, and together our knowledge will get you an answer or bring a quest to find it.

Many adventurers engage merely in an endless loop of battling monsters and soon grow tired, this world has much more potential then to just survive. Join our guild and you will be remembered as a hero/heroin that stood up to evil and defended your brethren.

Guidelines / Requirements

The guidelines of the A-S-H Allegiance are simple. We seek the advancement of all our members, and do so with honor, bravery, loyalty and generosity. We do not loot from corpses (except the nameless), and it is required that if you find a fallen hero who has lost some possessions, you loot them only to try and return their goods to them, and in doing so you will advertise the A-S-H worldwide. Those that wish to join must be avid role players set on playing a good alignment character. We do not want anyone who does not enjoy role playing. We ask that you remain active all throughout your membership to the guild, as activity is what keeps us alive.

You should also join us with your best character so that you will spend the majority of his/her time playing with them as joining with a minor character will not help you or us in our fight. We do expect that you play one character a majority of the time, as this just adds to the overall role-play ability of this game, but don't take this as "no, you can only play one character" It is however, expected that you do not join other guilds with your alter ego. Mule characters are acceptable provided their main is already a member and that mules will not accept any vassals except for another member's mule. (Ideally mules could be used as a temporary rank advancement tool.)

Those joining us as, or becoming, a PK will fight other players only when there is a mutual agreement, or there is no other choice as in defense. You will also always consider the acceptance of their surrender, if offered with terms.

You will always give/get an equal share of the loot to/from each member of a guild fellowship. If you want to keep a special item, compensate the rest of the group for its value as best as you are able. (Do not sell it just because you cannot pay the others a share of it's full value.)

Keep notes of special locations by coordinates and/or the nearest towns. Then relate this information to the rest of the team by @tell or e-mail up dates. Keep your monarch/patron/vassals up to date with your progress and game information by forwarding info and e-mails.

Remember to keep the mages safe, if you are in battle and one of the mages are attacked, break off from your target and get his attacker first.

The higher level characters have a duty to help the lower level characters gain experience, knowledge, and supplies. However, it is discouraged to 'Power Level' any player as a means to solely gain levels fast. The adventure of playing a lower character is as much that of playing a higher level one. All levels of characters have quests and challenges that are unique to that level. Encourage players to explore and find some of those challenges.

The beasts out number us thousands to one, but are not allied as we are. It is time we join in fellowships to fight the evils that roam the country side as there are still many battles to be fought to defend Dereth from those that would destroy it. Knowing this, it should be explained that player killers are not always evil, after all, who will defeat/destroy the PK's except another PK.

We of the A-S-H hope that you will find friendship, adventure, and profit from your alliance with us, and even have some fun too.

Asheron's Call Guild Manager (ACGM)

The A-S-H membership database is driven by the ACGM monarchy tree database program. It is a great tool for managing our member list. It runs in Perl and can be installed on just about any web server.

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