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Mystical Methods CastAway Bot Script

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CastAway is a good, simple to use, buff bot for Asheron's Call. It requires no programming knowledge to get it installed, and up and running. However, it could use some extra features and that is where this special configuration file set comes in handy. The 5 files found in this download is simply copied into the installation folder and you now have a customized bot.

CastAway Bot Script (2004-08-17)

This is the full customized package for CastAway. You need not do anything more than downlaod the file and unzip the contents into your CastAway installation directory.
(By default this is located at C:\Program Files\CastAway)

Script Information

These bot scripts are written and configured for CastAway Bot (version 1.5). If the CastAway site is down and you cannot get the latest version of the bot, you can download version 1.3c, or, here.

NOTE: Insane-Bot (version 1.3c, or requires Decal or greater.

Modification Notes
  • (2004-09-20)
    updated patchnotes for September '04.
  • (2004-08-28)
    added XPchain buffs to all standard combat profiles, removed 'Bane Completed' messages as they were being spoken before the banes, cleaned up some messages slightly, corrected some buffing properties that were command mismatched.
  • (2004-08-17)
    added routines to permit monarcy to recieve free level 7 buffs while allowing free level 6 buffs and retaining the payment plan for level 7 buffs, added some fun tweaks and additional details in the 'information' section, completed some tweaks that needed some initial testing.
  • (2004-08-14)
    first customization of CastAway, incorporated some informational routines from my custom Insane-Bot script.

(Script changes are explained as modifications are made.)

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