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Targeted Focus Asheron's Call Guild Manager

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What is ACGM?

ACGM is a Perl based script used to assist Asheron's Call Allegiances in managing a list of their guild's members. The author's original site has since disappeared and no further updates are expected. We claim no responsibility for the scripts, the files, or the result of their use. The files are offered here merely as a resource sharing service to the AC community.

ACGM v2 Downloads

We are using version 2 of ACGM, so you will need the utilities that are version 2 or higher to access our database.

The project is being continued! If you would like to use a more recent version of ACGM and see what is underdevelopment, then swing on over to the Temmu Web site for current ACGM updates. Be sure to ver the Version 2 of the Link Plugin and/or Client for use with the ASH database.

An Older Version of ACGM

ACGM Server (v0.32)

The ACGM Server is a Perl Script that must be hosted on a Web server. If you have a Web server but do not have Perl try ActivePerl! Works great and free.

ACGM Client (v0.31)

The ACGM Client provides full interaction with the database and allows you to edit all of your character's attributes in the database. Administrator privileges (provided in the program) allows for the Allegiance Tree to be updated and maintained by remote administrators. (ACGM Client Source)

Link for ACGM (v1.0.1)

A great In-Game client for ACGM. Works even better than the one the program's author wrote. This utility can automatically log you into the database and update your stats each time you play AC. Link runs as a Plug-In for Decal. Decal requires that you have 3D acceleration enabled to use this utility.

Prior Membership Database Files (08/05/03)

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