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Group Information Welcome to the A-S-H Web Site!

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Home World: Harvestgain [ AC / DM ]

Olthoi Lancer: Dare to take the challenge?

From the smoldering embers of the passing of the "Crimson Eye" rises a new and much wiser soldier. This is the beginning of the age of A-S-H

Following in the tradition of those valiant soldiers before the great disaster, a new group of soldiers unite to combat the evils which lurk about the allied worlds. From the worlds of Dereth, A-S-H spreads its words of dedication and wisdom. The ultimate goal: complete the work of Asheron and return peace and harmony to the region.

Benefits, Guidelines, and Requirements of A-S-H Membership

Allegiance Mansion: Arwic » Artifice Cottages Portal (32.9N 59.6E) » Col Motson's Mansion (82.5S 8.0E).

Buff-Bot Status Page (09/20/04)

CastAway and Insane-Bot buff-bot script updates for September patch info!
(If you run a bot that provides access to our clan, or would like to see the status of another ZyrcaNet listed bot, please send me the info.)

Patch Notes: What's Happening

The Patch Notes is a terse list of monthly changes, additions, and things of note. Patch Notes will be maintained on this page and in the ASH bot script.
(For other details and specifics on the current monthly patches see the Asheron's Call web site.)

Sucamarto's ACHeavenACHeaven's Latest Decal Plugin Updates

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